How to Access 88Sears My Personal Information

88Sears my personal information is accessible through The website is for the use of the employees of Sears, and here, they get to view and update their personal information, access information on their benefits, payroll, and many more.

Using the website is so easy, although you will need to log in with your enterprise ID as well as your password before you can have access to the 88Sears my personal information.

Sears is one of the most famous retail outlets all over the United States. The business started as a mail order business in the 1890s and since then, it became very prosperous. The company is also known for being among the most outstanding employers all over the United States and in order to give their employees easy access to their files, the company has set up a website where employees can have access to the 88Sears my personal information.

Step By Step Procedures in Using the Site

You will need to be connected to the Internet before you can access the 88Sears website. Thus, you need to use a computer with Internet access. Here are the procedures.

• First of all, visit the 88Sears my personal information link.
• For you to have access to your personal information, you will need to create an account first.
• Click on the link to sign up for a new account.
• Fill out the online form by providing your name, address, contact details, email address and phone number.
• Come up with a username and password.

Things to Keep In Mind

Remember that right after you sign up for an account, you will need to verify your account first before you can have access to 88Sears my personal information. So check the inbox of the email you have provided when creating an account and click on the confirmation link. As soon as you have verified your account, you will then immediately be able to access the 88Sears my personal information.

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