Top Information that You Can Find on ;The retail market has definitely changed in the last few years as more and more companies have decided to jump into the retail segment where they can offer something better to their consumers. The Sears Holding Corporation is one of the top retail companies in the United States and is based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The company began in the year 2005 when Kmart and Sears decided to merge the companies into one single entity. Today, the Sears Holding Corporation has more than 4000 retail stores across the nation under brands like Kmart, Sears and other Sears’s affiliates. is a site that is specially designed for the employees that work in the Sears Holding Corporation and all that they want to know about their job.

Personal Information

If you are looking for some personal information on the you can type in the link of the site ( )  in the browser address bar and you will be taken to the home page of the site. On the top portion of you will find a link that says My Personal Information. If you are an employee of Sears Holding Corporation you will have to click on that link to view more information that is personal to you. Employees can view personal information like their paycheck information, address and phone number information. Employees also get the option to update their address and phone numbers and change the direct deposit option as well. However, for that all users will have to login using the Enterprise ID that they are provided.

HR and Managers

While there are many links that are available on , there are some sites that are meant for certain employees in the company. Some of the links that do not have double arrow on them are private and therefore these links cannot be accessed when you are using a public computer as these links can only be accessed using Sears Holding Network. The HR and Manager link can be accessed using Sears Holding Network and is found right below My Personal Information link. This link is intended to be used by management only especially HR personnel and various department managers.

About HR

- HR Contacts
- HR Forms of Associates

HR Department

- Association Relations
- Benefits
- Compensation
- Corporation Communications
- Diversity
- Ethics
- HR Compliance
- Talent Acquisition
- Training

My Total Rewards

My Total Rewards is basically available on the right hand site of  and the section is accessible only when the employees are in Sears Holding Network. The link offers lot of help to all the employees about money, benefits and career options that they have in the future.

Policies and Procedures

Accessible only through Sears Holding Network policies, procedures and forms is another option that employees can use to get all the important information that they need regarding the company. If the employees require a copy of various documents and policies they can find it here and then get it printed to proceed with it.

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